In Defense of Barbie

Attention Mainstream Feminism, I need you all to stop shitting on Barbie right the fuck now.

I used to think I had a complicated relationship with Barbie because I believed I had to if I was going to publicly identify as a feminist.

But you know what? I loved Barbie when I was a little girl! I loved playing Barbies with my little sister. I loved her remote control car that she could actually ride around in. I loved having her go on adventures with my Batman action figures. I loved making her go on dates (and have what I believed was sex) with other Barbies. Even now, I still get excited when I hear about Barbie becoming a computer programmer or a producer or an architect because I know little girls look up to Barbie and imagine themselves as her whenever they play with her.

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Dear Brooke Sopelsa: Stop Making Our Movement About Straight People

If there’s one thing I can’t stand more than a cis gay person telling me and other queers to calm down, it’s seeing that cis gay person get national attention on a Huffington Post article for telling other queers to calm down.

The examples Brooke Sopelsa cites as queer activists gone wild are:

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Nuclear Weapon

So the Pope has compared me and all other trans people to nuclear weapons because we have to power to go “against God the Creator”.

Bro, if your god is so weak he can’t even stand up to one of the most oppressed groups of people in the entire world, then you’re god ain’t shit to write home about.

Getting real sick of your bait-n-switch, Francis.

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